I am producing these select poems written by a friend, Seema Sahaa, as an ode to the affected ones during the incidents of violence and infringements, which transgressed our peaceful existence during the last few days.

An acutely efficient management professional by attitude, profession and knowledge, Seema’s poems epitomizes what every Indian is going through, irrespective of orientations. Everyone wants to express their inner feelings, today, some more violently than the others. But, these are expressions which are a manifestation of the protest!!! Protest against “taking shit, lying down”. These expressions are not of self pity, but recognition of our strengths, they don’t lament, but make bold statements, they don’t regret, but convey intent.

With Seema’s approval, I am producing these here to ensure that the message spreads to as many more like us, who empathize. Please DO NOT hesitate to circulate these poignant thoughts. These poems were so well appreciated that NDTV is carrying them on its website.

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Message to the nation from an NSG commando

I fought and fought till the end…

I fought for the country and you my friend…

The pain n heat I bore it all

Till the time I felt myself just fall

I really did not want to go

I bore it till I could bear no more

I called out to you, you could not hear

I wanted to ask you not to fear…

For long after I am gone.

The fight against terror must go on

Don’t let my death in vain ever go

Stand up and fight till u can take no more

Our country is bleeding innocent people are dying

Fathers are grieving mothers are crying

Don’t let my death in vain, ever go

Stand up and fight till u can take no more

The faceless friend

The sound of laughter the clinking of glass

The brightly lit room, the shine of brass

Shattered by a sudden sound

Gunfire going off round after round

People screamed and panicked with fear

“Some anti social elements must have come in here! “

Reassured the man all dressed in white

But his face said more, it didn’t seem all right.

He ushered us towards the backside door

My heart beat faster. I could think no more

We hid in a room awaiting the morn

But the gunfire kept going on and on

There were screams n shouts and painful sounds

We closed our ears as we lay on the ground

We listened to our people scream and fall

As the cowards butchered and killed them all

I heard a scream that spoke of pain

I heard her scream again and again

I shared her pain and sensed her fear

And I couldn’t even help her or go near!!

After a few hours that seemed eternity

We were slowly led out and then set free

But it was freedom of a different kind

For I am still haunted by the screams of her whom I left behind.

So this is a cry, a universal plea

Please fight terrorism and set the world free

Let’s fight those cowards till the end

To avenge the death of my faceless friend

Duty bound

(A tribute to the GM of Taj)

The sound of gunfire and shattering glass

Screams and shouts and death en masse

He sprung to action and helped everyone around

For he was a civilian soldier who was duty bound

His thoughts went up to his family

He wanted to rush and help them flee

But he stood right there rooted to the ground

For he knew he was duty bound

He was told there was a fire raging upstairs

He could feel the heat and see the flares

But he stayed to help everyone around

For he felt he was duty bound

He helped people out and shut the door

He was told the fire was on the upper floor

His family was up, they must be found

He rushed up stairs, he was duty bound

He reached them just a trifle late

They had met an extremely unkind fate

He stood there still, his grief abound

Then went back to work for he was duty bound.

He grieved not for those he loved the most

For there were guests to save and he was the host

He helped each and everyone he found

And saved their lives because he was duty bound.

For the sake of all those men all so brave

For the sake of the great sacrifices they made

Let us resolve to eliminate this evil that’s spread all around

For all of use are duty bound.

Seema Saha

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