The futile exercise of ‘Chakbandi’ in Delhi villages

Ever since the new State Government in Delhi headed by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has assumed office, there have been a few discussions to invigorate earlier initiatives for the development of the villages (so called Rural villages) in Delhi. Agreed, such initiatives should be supported wholeheartedly, and by all. However, the tools that are being planned for deployment are (in many […]

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74 / 4 land(s) in Delhi – A landpooling impediment

With the DDA announcing the Land pooling policy, and the implementation of the same likely within a couple of months, it’s imperative that the policy makers spare a thought to this one impediment to the planned urbanization of Delhi:- The Land allotted to the Landless in the 1970s, more popularly referred to by the local landowners as “74/4” . A brief […]

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