Why Chak Bandi in Delhi villages can’t precede Land pooling in Delhi

The basic premise of the ‘Chakbandi’ exercise is to amalgamate and redistribute all or any of the land in any revenue village, so as to reduce the number of plots in the holding. It is done under the East Punjab Holdings (consolidation & prevention of fragmentation) Act 1954. The process of Consolidation is irrelevant in the context of Land pooling […]

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Strange as it may sound, the lowest denominator in the electoral hierarchy would define the future of the AAP, and professional credibility of the Chief Minister of Delhi. While the Delhi Govt’s stated political position is to ‘sauce up the sops’ at the bottom of the pyramid, one constituency they seem to be ignoring, at their own risk, is Rural […]

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The futile exercise of ‘Chakbandi’ in Delhi villages

Ever since the new State Government in Delhi headed by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has assumed office, there have been a few discussions to invigorate earlier initiatives for the development of the villages (so called Rural villages) in Delhi. Agreed, such initiatives should be supported wholeheartedly, and by all. However, the tools that are being planned for deployment are (in many […]

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