she was once called Draupadi

Many eons ago, there was a great story written in India, everything about it was great. It has weathered so many storms and sold logic century after century that our contemporary storytellers like Navjwot Singh Sidhou, Amerr Sing, Behanji, Mumta di and Chetan Phogat could be silenced by the logics mentioned therein. However, that was the era before Ramanujam, before […]

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The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer – A journey unto itself What a wedding was it? Was it a wedding or a carnival? I wonder many a times on the hollowness of human intent around us, most times. You must be wondering who I am? I am just like you, a slightly over-weight, mid height, average looking “Dude” tag aspirant, who gets invited […]

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I am producing these select poems written by a friend, Seema Sahaa, as an ode to the affected ones during the incidents of violence and infringements, which transgressed our peaceful existence during the last few days. An acutely efficient management professional by attitude, profession and knowledge, Seema’s poems epitomizes what every Indian is going through, irrespective of orientations. Everyone wants […]

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