““thoda adjust karo” “Thoda adjust karo” accommodate… accommodate… finally, @ least we don’t have to accommodate and adjust our underwear””…. Thus goes an ad on the Indian TV…. it might be successful in selling the underwear, but won’t possibly resurrect the great Indian spirit of entrepreneurship, exemplified very well in the markets, globally, but so very rare in India. WE […]

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Drinking is good !

ha.ha.ha.ha… Let me start this post with a laugh.. and trepidation… as the subject seems to be controversial.. but, nevertheless. I am from the land of the Rajputs, Marathas, Mughals, Bengalis,Communists, ‘Kangresis”, Rioteers, beggars, snake charmers, Desi-punks, pliagarists, variety, colours, booming economy, growth, population, corruption, beauty, bollywood,tollywood, mollywood, pollywood………. and a lot more.. For ages, we have been told that […]

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