Is today the right time to invest in Real Estate?  – 2018 & beyond

Not a single day passes by when this question is not discussed amongst the HNIs and Investors community. Before we get to find an answer, let’s look back at the changes that have happened in the industry, over the past couple of years. In generic terms, Real estate Industry was associated with terms like ‘Opaque, Murky, Cash, Unsafe’ etc.; which […]

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““thoda adjust karo” “Thoda adjust karo” accommodate… accommodate… finally, @ least we don’t have to accommodate and adjust our underwear””…. Thus goes an ad on the Indian TV…. it might be successful in selling the underwear, but won’t possibly resurrect the great Indian spirit of entrepreneurship, exemplified very well in the markets, globally, but so very rare in India. WE […]

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The last few months have been a huge fast ascend on the learning curve… one wherein we toiled through a multitude of emotions… a mix of pretended confidence, self-doubts and posturing for the family… I presume that the entire team went through it… and all of it because the industry that we operate in, namely the real estate industry in […]

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