GREEN BELT IN DELHI – Is the excitement misplaced?

The authorities displayed amazing alacrity & brusqueness during the past one-year while dealing with the Farm Houses in Delhi, both existing & the fresh supply. Agreed, the Farmhouse policy was christened ‘Country Homes’ and in it’s final avatar, the ‘Low density residential plots (LDRP)’. “The fallacy of policy making being the belief that the mere change in nomenclature can be […]

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Land Pooling Policy in Delhi MPD 2021 – A snapshot

I write this only to correct some misinformation in the public domain. If you need details further, just call the helpline number 9015-330-330 LAND POOLING – The way forward under Delhi master plan 2021 The Delhi land-pooling policy has already been approved & notified by the Ministry of Urban development vide Notification # S.O. 2687(E) dated 5th September 2013.  Prior […]

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