IPL & REAL ESTATE – Bailout !!!!

A slew of big management jargon were thrown at the hapless ‘aam admi’ over the past few weeks leading to the IPL auctions. Men, women and not so lucky were kept wondering on what these had a connect with cricket. Yours humbly though exposed to words like valuations, value, physical properties, features, team specifications, leadership blah & blah was quite […]

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Delhi Rebuilding-SERIOUS?

 My friend and colleague Ajay Dabas does quip ponderously that “Delhi was built majestically by the British who never has 10-20-30 year(s) announced masterplans as a futuristic city, esp. focussed on the quality of lifestyle of the inhabitants. Politics of development,, coupled with the serious intent of the class divide brought in inward looking master plans which created Delhi into […]

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