I wrote this little poem (sher) on a piece of paper one night, and stowed it somewhere. I chanced upon it ths afternoon, and I thought I must post it here. Please ignore the rhyme of the same, as I wanted to re-produce it here in the raw unpolished form. Here is how it goes.

Tha umr dhoondte rahe ek kaandha, sar rakh kar aansoo bahaane ko.

Aise nikle aansoo, ke chaar rote huey kaandhe mile sawaari ko.

What is essentially meant was that many a people spend their lifetime searching for the elusive “shoulder to cry on”, but fail miserably. Ultimately, the grind of the find takes its toll, and they leave on ‘four crying shoulders’.

I do notice so many people around me not living the moment. Most are dejected about the mundane, rather than rejoice about the largesse of god, nature and their own surroundings. Over a period of time, their ‘will wilts’ and they just drag on.

Like I had said once – “Saans tho le rahe hain, par jeena bhool gaye” ( I am still breathing, but forgot how to live”.

I exhort people to feel happy about themselves, about what this life has bestowed on them, rather than stop living in search of the elusive fantasy.

Will write in detail about this with specific instances once I am in the hills. I am headed for Tehri now…. work of course, but, if I spend the night there, I might complete this one. In the meantime, if any of you happen to read this, please dont forget to leave me with your comments.

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