Delhi Master Plan 2021 – Notified?

MPD 2021 acknowledges that with the necessity for creation of infrastructure to support growth of the city at this scale, the present policy of large scale development and acquisition and its relevance in the present context needs a thorough relook. Also to involve the private sector in the assembly and development of land and provisions of infrastructure services.
It is necessary to review and reconsider the current scheme of large scale land acquisition, development and disposal by DDA.
Guiding principles 4.1 page 03 – Govt. / DDA to act as a facilitator with minimum intervention to facilitate integrated planned development.
– Page 07 – clause 9.1 – FAR permissible on the gross residential use in the assembled pockets – 200 ( higher than Gurgaon which is @ 175)

FAR to be earmarked for the EWS component over & above the FAR of 200: 30 (15%)
The notification of Delhi master plan 2021, and its integration with the other agencies & watchdogs of culture, heritage etc. is extremely critical owing to the many national & international events and schedules in Delhi, over the next few years.

The intentions expressed by the various arms of the government over the past few months are indeed encouraging, and, we feel vindicated over our stand and effort invested over the past few years.

“We wait, to involve, and develop, aspirations of Delhi-ites”.



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  • Dear Mr. Menon. I would like to understand in depth about the delhi master plan since I work for a FDI compliant fund, and we are currently based out of Mumbai city.
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  • Ramesh. What are the rules for farm houses in Delhi? I am keen to talk to you to understand the rules and also seek your help if possible. I dont know whether you do this kind of work. Willing to pay for your expertise and research assistance. Pls connect with me directly on XXXX

  • what are the implications of the recent judgement of the supreme court about land acquisition in south delhi in 13 villages

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