Drinking is good !


Let me start this post with a laugh.. and trepidation… as the subject seems to be controversial.. but, nevertheless. I am from the land of the Rajputs, Marathas, Mughals, Bengalis,Communists, ‘Kangresis”, Rioteers, beggars, snake charmers, Desi-punks, pliagarists, variety, colours, booming economy, growth, population, corruption, beauty, bollywood,tollywood, mollywood, pollywood………. and a lot more..

For ages, we have been told that drinking is a vice… (sorry, I wasnt referring to H2O).. this is the real thing maan !!!! The men thing….. alas, it is not the preserve of men any longer…….. the ladies are not only catching up, they are bloody hell galloping ahead.

What exactly are people against, and how can there be “an opportunity, in adversity?”

ok. here goes… if you go into someone’s home..party.. dinner invite…….. or assume, you invite someone to your party… HOW MANY CUPS OF TEA, JUICES CAN YOU OFFER SOMEONE?

If you want someone to stay longer, can you keep thrusting your cups of tea & juice on them???

Cut! cut! change the scene…. pan the camera… if you are throwing a party.. and everyone seems to be enjoying their glass in hand (not cups), wont there be more tranquility.. more smiles.. better conversation?

You dont have to ask your guest to have one more (please.. not a cup of tea)….. because, the good natured guest himself wants to enjoy ‘just one more’ with you…. he/she wants to spend some more time… You might get lucky when the couples are enjoying….. because, nobody wants to quit the party in a hurry… ( I am assuming that they are not uninvited……. cut! cut!! same for you…….

More on this to follow……. thoughts welcome.. mail me on ramesh.menon@hotmail.com

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  • I couldnt agree with you more on the drinking is good part. But having said that I would like that to be read with little caution.
    The change came upon me when I recently took a visit to my doctor subsequent to my medical check up. He reminded me that I am on the wrong side of forty. Which is when the GOODNESS of alcohol is directly proportional to the quantities consumed!!
    Caution no. 1>> drinking is bad for health.
    Caution no. 2>> Just forget the above warning.
    hey! by the way I like your blog..

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