How often have we seen & heard of alluring advertisements in the media, posted by Brokers & developers offering Farm Houses in Noida & areas of Delhi, on the Yamuna river bed. A lot many of them have already taken the bite, and have sunk in their hard earned money into the promise of “Farmhouse living”.


For the uninitiated, be informed that NO CONSTRUCTION IS ALLOWED on the flood embankments on the Yamuna. Also, the Hon’ble Lt. Governor had issued a moratorium of any construction on the Yamuna riverbed, under the zone “O” of the Delhi master plan 2021, as it is detrimental to the health of the river. Readers would also recall the strict interventions of the court on the various construction projects on the river bed, including the Common wealth games village, the Millenium bus depot of DTC, other places of work, worship etc.


In light of the background, how does the buyer of these so called “Farm houses” not conclude a proper due-diligence before parting with their hard earned money?


The legal stand point is that the minimum land required for registration of agricultural land is 01 Bigha (approx.1000 sq.Yards). Hence, most sellers are selling the land within this denominator. Not withstanding the fact that the land registration being concluded, defined for agricultural purpose, does not guarantee you the license to develop & build a farmhouse. You would be paying to buy a plot of land, but what you actually own is a piece of agricultural land.


Also, the applicability of the building byelaws hasn’t yet been notified, and it seems highly unlikely that any ‘Pucca’ construction would ever be allowed on the Yamuna riverbed. I am also given to understand that some seller propose to set up log houses & other such structures. Be aware that these temporary structures do not qualify as dwelling units under the building byelaws.


Unlike the Delhi master plan MPD 2021, wherein land under 70 villages have already been notified for Farmhouse development (Low density residential development), no such concrete plans are covered under the master plans of NOIDA, Gurgaon etc.

Buyers Beware!

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