Table 9.4 of the notified Delhi masterplan MPD 2021 document lists the following products / services / permitted activities which can be conducted within the Green belt areas of Delhi.

  • Forest, Agriculture use, Vegetation belt, Dairy Farms, Piggery, Poultry farms, Farm house, Wild life sanctuary, Bird sanctuary, Biodiversity Park, Veterinary Centre, Police Post, Fire Post, Smriti Van, Plant Nursery, Orchard, Area for water-harvesting, Floriculture farm, Open Playground, Agro forestry, Amenity structures

Sports & sports related infrastructure have now been included as part of the social infrastructure, which would kick start the initiatives by the private enterprise into this domain, more specifically under the Green Belt of Delhi. Progressively, Delhi is emerging as a venue for International events, and facilities created jointly, severally or under the PPP mode would be the way forward to integrate the logistical needs for training & churning leading sportsmen.

Besides the above, Community Park Multipurpose Ground Existing village Abadis, already Regularized Unauthorized colonies and already approved Motels would be allowed to continue. That brings me to the opportunity of mini farms & serene villa & multiple dwelling units development opportunities within the Lal Dora & extended Lal Dora areas like Kanjhawala etc. Will talk about this specific opportunity some other time.

Besides the multi tiered investments by the Center, State, Municipal, Local & Private sector, Social infrastructure within the Green belt areas would be the biggest differentiator between Delhi & the other cities.

All of the above is only fraction of what Delhi Masterplan 2021 is about. It is planned to accommodate an additional population of more than 10 million, with the development of more than 2 million homes. You could well imagine the quantum of investments required, committed & the role & opportunities which the private sector would play. The same survey on also revealed that the corporate executives & businessmen community represent the aspiration segment for new farm houses, and supply being consistent & price points getting more achievable, there would be a demand pipeline for another 19,000 farms, mini farms & country homes.

Cautions & Risks

Having assessed the potential of the Green belts under Delhi, one muse exercise suitable caution while perusing investment opportunities. I still get to notice unscrupulous elements hawking off Green belt lands to gullible buyers, who do not seem to understand that some land parcels under green are earmarked for water bodes, infrastructure, reserved forests & parks etc. Please do not hesitate to seek expert guidance.

Let me tweak the famous quote by Mark Twain as follows – “Buy Delhi Farms, they don’t make them anymore”.

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