The last few months have been a huge fast ascend on the learning curve… one wherein we toiled through a multitude of emotions… a mix of pretended confidence, self-doubts and posturing for the family… I presume that the entire team went through it… and all of it because the industry that we operate in, namely the real estate industry in India, is in the business of ‘learning a bit too late’, and, ‘willing to pay through nether ends when it becomes unbearable’. It has been a huge learning experience to me…. in particular.. and hope we learn from our mistakes. (secretly hoping that all do).

Why do I say that hardship is welcome? What is so pleasurable about sadism???? hey… I thought we are talking about management…. Yeah right !!! we definitely are…

The hardship is welcome because is sharpens ( not hardens) the management skills…..

The hardship is welcome as it helps one build on the ASK.. Atitude, skills & knowledge

It helps in demolishing the demons of self-doubt

It helped in being analytical in resolving the problem

It helped in identifying the task on hand… in understanding why someone wants to invest in us

It helped in segregating loyalty from chaff of pretended assurance…

Most of all, it helps you in realizing your true wealth.. I am using the words carefully…….. wealth, not competence, not value…because, wealth is supposed to be created and shared… it is not a “second-hand emotion: as Tina turner would have us believe..

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