Is today the right time to invest in Real Estate?  – 2018 & beyond

We are towards the end of the worst cycle, which has lasted for almost four years. There definitely is a great opportunity to buy into deals which are available at the right pricing; which would deliver intended returns provided they are well researched, diligence undertaken not just on the legalities, but also on the ‘Intent & Ability’ of the executors.

Whether you are buying, selling or monetizing your asset, it would always augur well to incorporate the financial angle at the thought stage; be it structuring the transaction, efficient tax planning, or re-investing into better yield products.

Consider this analogy from Cricket. Does the same player bat for both the teams? Would he be fair if so? Wouldn’t his bias reduce his loyalty towards one team while surreptitiously working against the interest of one team?

Likewise, you need someone to stand besides you, who bats for you; and de-risks the transaction from ‘Gut-feel’. Have someone on your side, exclusively playing to ensure you win. Be it cricket, or RE Investment.

Don’t just buy & sell real estate, consider them opportunities!

At SPA group, our endeavor is to occupy this space; extend the concept of Wealth conservation, generation & management across Financial services & Real Estate. Feel free to connect with your dedicated Relationship manager or write in to

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