Maharaja Experience with AirIndia

However small this incident might seem, it exemplifies to me that the parasitic behemoth called AirIndia is in no position to compete against their younger & nimble competitors in the Indian skies. Read on…….

I had to travel to Mumbai on Sunday, 30th of August’ 2015, and I booked a ticket through a travel portal ( and it took about 5 minutes to buy the ticket. No complaints there. This happened on 28th August (Friday)

just that, this time I booked AirIndia, as the timing of one of their flights to Mumbai suited me just fine.

As the portal’s pop up claimed, I was e-mailed a copy of the e-ticket within an hour. Having used the same methodology to book tickets for other airlines, I was hopin that there would be some kind of official confirmation coming from the airline too… The usual, an SMS, an e-mail welcoming you to the Maharaja experience etc.etc.

Sadly, nothing happened.

At the appointed time, I reached the airport… thankfully, I had a printed copy of the ticket, didn’t have to struggle to show the official confirmation on the phone to the security. The check in procedure was vintage AirIndia – lacklustre, disinterest from behind the counter, and that look on the face of the counter clerk “What’s wrong with you, still travelling AirIndia?”

AirIndia played a Hindi movie, typically 150 minutes long, on a 120 minute flight. That too, 45 minutes into the flight. Amidst the distractions go serving snacks, most people in flight were trying to catch up the movie ‘Guddu Rangeela”. When the screening was halted 30 minutes prior to landing, one could hear the grain of disapproval from most people watching it. 

Half a movie screened, I was in Mumbai on Sunday by 1300 Hrs.

Here’s the interesting part. I finished my work over Monday & Tuesday, and too a late evening flight back on the 01st September’ 2015 (Tuesday) for Delhi. 

Today, that’s Wednesday, 02nd of Sept, precisely  FIVE days after the booking, that I received an SMS confirmation of my PNR number, and the charge towards. It also exhorted me to download an App so that I could be real time on hotel bookings too. That’s actually LMAO. actually, 4 days after the journey has been completed that the PNR confirmation comes by SMS.

Who’s to be blamed? The software creator, the telecom company, the Uncleji’s and aunties covered under the union?

Whoever is the IT integrator be told that tickets are needed before one leaves for a journey, not after reaching back.

Anyways, do add me AirIndia to the ever growing list of Indians who’ve been exposed to the “Maharaja experience

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