MCD constitutes committee to implement Delhi master plan

This was a news report which was featured on I found it interesting to share with visitors of my personal blog too, as the news is exciting for investors into Delhi, and not so good for some of the peripheral cities of Delhi NCR, which would likely to be adversely affected by this.

Finally, someone has decided to “crack the whip, on oneself, for a cause”. However delayed it might be though.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has announced the formation of a 11 member committee which would monitor and accelerate the smooth implementation of all the recommendations under the Delhi master plan MPD 2021.

Thankfully, the committee is well represented administratively and politically, which raises a glimmer of hope for the “timely” implementation. The committee would be headed by Mr. Ved Prakash Arya, the deputy leader of the MCD house. The other members of the committee would include Subhash Arya ( leader of house ), R.K.Singhal)standing committee chairperson), Vijender Gupta ( former standing committee chairman), J.K. Sharma (leader of opposition) and some other councillors.

You would recall that the vision of the Delhi master plan, which was notified vide S.O 141 in 2007 is to create Delhi into a “global metropolis and world class city”. Readers would also agree that millions of dollars are being invested towards the same. The human capital required for such a gargantuan task is now being deployed. Or should I say, the ‘political will & capital’ is finally backing up the millions waiting to be invested.

Ajay Dabas, an expert on the Delhi master plan 2021 avers -“Delhi would be the fastest growing real estate opportunity for the 4 levels of investment already under deployment. Delhi would roll out infrastructure first, and then create real estate, a FIRST for city development in our country”.

Ved Prakash Gupta categorically mentions that committee has been set up to facilitate the effective implementation of the master plan’s recommendations.

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“The committee can be contacted for any kind of problem in implementation. We will work to redress the problem by taking up the issue with officials concerned and will also bring it to the notice of Master Plan-2021 Committee,” he said.


  • Awesum news dude. This surely would kichstart the land buying in Delhi now

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    Only if the attitude changes. Why do we forget the scam of 20,000 fake employees. I dont agree that these people in MCD have the willingness to make any serious change

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