My letter to VC-DDA on section 33 of Delhi Land reforms act

d)            With the introduction of the MPD 2021, Delhi would become the first state / city which is 100% urbanized. If the zoning defines the land as urbanizable, the tenets of any act, which applies on defragmentation of the agricultural land, need not apply.


The practical application of the Section 33 of the Delhi land reforms act, by the revenue department, is counter productive to the laid down objectives of the Land pooling policy under MPD 2021.


It is our submission that the contradiction of the act, and MPD 2021 cannot co-exist, and that the said act may be reviewed immediately, for it’s utility.


We would like to volunteer ground level assistance, wherever required, for the better implementation of the MPD 2021, more specifically, the land pooling policy.


We look forward to “Partner you, in progress”.


Warm regards,

Ramesh Menon








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