NDTV interview-DDA allottments

I got a call from late last evening from an executive from NDTV, who wanted to know some details about the new allotment of flats by DDA, in Delhi.

We exchanged  some thoughts and facts, as has been published by the media, and that gathered through the diligent research undertaken by my organization (rather inferred), and  from my little sparrows in the Delhi real estate world.

Nevertheless, I was asked by this gentleman from NDTV whether I could make myself available for an interview, LIVE though, at their studio. I was a little reluctant having observed some of the experts (Politicians included) make an “ASS (et)” of themselves, LIVE. I was forced to mention that I would like to stick to facts as they stand, and would not propagate or agree to be prompted to tow the story line being sold by NDTV. The NDTV culture came to fore, and the particular executive categorically mentioned that as an ethical news channel, they do no expect me, the invitee, to corroborate their story.

True to their committment, there as a pick up car at my door-step around 8.00 AM. Weaving through the early morning traffic of Delhi, we reached the NDTV mobile studio. What a studio guys!!!!!! Automated… efficiency exemplified…. hardly about 8 people manning the entire transmission.

Post introductions, we all got settled into the chairs… I was strapped on a mike by the production team… surprise!!!! Nobody briefed me on what to say, what to do, what not to!!!!!

Camera, roll, action !!! Nothing happened….. I was asked some questions about what DDA is all about? WHat is this housing dream all about etc…. I labored through my Real estate ground-realty, and the english vocabulary…. the news-readers / hosts smiled at me and kept asking me very generic level stuff….. and were utilizing the ad breaks well too… ha.ha….

Thanks to the pretty lady for the “humble chai, served on the keyboard of the laptop”.

Here comes action.. calls started pouring in, about 10 of them I guess… and each of them wanted to know the most mundane and routing of information, on National TV…. I answered them to the best of my diplomatic ability, and positive intent.

We all thanked each other, patted ourselves for an incident & embarassment free 1/2 hour, and promised to catch up with each other, sometimes in the future.

On the ride back, my thoughts meandered to many of the questions asked by the viewers of NDTV. I wanted to bracket the questions into management buckets? (akin to our general practice of complicating easy queries into complex jargons). This is how the list emerged.

a) Was the general public asking me to vet the credentials of DDA?

b) Did they actually know the potential, prospects & possibilities of their proposed relationship with DDA?

c) How easy is today’s times when picking up and calling a news channel is easier than reading the relevant documents published by DDA?

d) Surprise!surprise!! Hardly anyone in Delhi, including most in the media, do know much about the proposed Delhi master plan 2021.

Having said the above, one realization is paramount. The people in Delhi, even after years of turmoil & torture at the hands of DDA, do still look forward to titters being thrown…. maybe, lack of recognition that there are other options available… maybe, recognition of fact that DDA has a vice like grip on Delhi.

Ladies & gentlemen – Wake up….. it is the same DDA which is one of the key architects for the Delhi master plan…. a whopping 60,000 hectares of proposed development…. almost 2 million homes and dwelling being planned over the next 20 years…. better value, better amenities, better prices and above all, better quality of life.

What does it hold for the private sector????? Management lessons… a slight nudge from the slumber to climb down and serve the clients…. to feel the heat of prices.

I can go on & on & on.. In the best interest of everyone, I must stop this post here now. Before I do so, I must put on record the appreciation for DDA for having boldly placed a lot of inventory in the market, at an appreciable price, in the curent market condition.

I must also thank NDTV and its executives for having invited us, as an expert of realty matters, in recognition of our ability to draw inferences, without being influenced, through diligent research.

Dear Friends in Delhi – Hang on there. There is a sea of opportunity which is to arise shortly. Please DONT GET SWAYED by “you would miss the bus” talk from my cousins in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad  & elsewhere.

If you see any worth and need to interact further on the outlook for Delhi NCR real estate, please connect with me on menon@certesrealty.com.

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  • Hi Ramesh,
    Compliments to you for the way you handled the interview on TV, that was a fair blend of style & substance!
    Probably you were forthright on ‘credibility’. Felt could have been more diplomatic. But then I guess that’s ‘Being Menon’
    Overall well done!

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