pol(e)itiks of Development-Dilli-Ishtyle (satire)

Whilst Delhi as a city is crumbling, owing to the apathy of the administration, head counts increased through bogus employees et. all, the MCD has hit upon a unique proposition to better the Municipality functions, and bring about a qualitative change in the lives of Dilliwallahs, as per the Diktats of the MPD 2021. In this unique venture, the Kangraise (cong.) too has pitched in their quantum contribution. For the uninitiated, the Delhi MCD is led (literally) by the Bharteeyaa Junta Party (BJP) while the hand which stokes the lotus is in the opposition.

 Both our leading ‘partees’ want to name the newly constructed 28 storey Civic headquarters in the name of some leader of their party. It could be named either “Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Civic blah blah center” or Gandhi(Sonia,Indira, Rajiv, Rahul, Rahul’s unborn son)  center for invigorating a sense of work culture in Dilli-MCD center” or even plain jane “Gandhi center for civic administration”.

 The new 28 storey building, one of the tallest structures in Delhi costed a MERE Rs. 550 crores of the Tax payers money, and it is of ‘sacramount importance’ that it be named right, for the babu inside to dispense his constitutional duty.

 The Lieutnant Governor (LG) of Delhi is a spoilsport. He just doesn’t understand the sentiments of the aam-aadmi for whom sadak-bijli-paani is a daily fight. The LG has gone ahead and suggested our LEADERS to accept the name ‘NEW TOWN HALL”. How sad. How can now the aam aadmi connect with the civic agencies when the building says “My name is Town Hall”, a la Khan.

If the entire nation was involved in “My name is khan”, do you think that the Chief secretary’s office in Delhi would not accord importance to this issue of national importance?  Sources say that considerable time, paper n think tank exposure was accorded to this ‘issue of national interest’ since two of the parties which ruled us / likely to rule us are hooting for this yeoman cause. There also was an official statement published in the print. Here goes:

 “The L-G has suggested that such an iconic building should not be named after any individual. The ultimate onus of naming the building lies with the state government,” Ranjan Mukherjee, Officer on Special Duty to the L-G, said.

“Based on his (L-G’s) letter, we have written to the MCD commissioner to name the building New Town Hall. It is a befitting name as across the globe no corporation offices are named Town Hall,” Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta said.

 Now, it is of no consequence that we have already missed the deadline of moving into the new civic center.(don’t blame me, it might be called the OSAMA – Obama, Sonia, Atal, MDMK,atmaram Building) Instead of April’10, the civic agencies would move in after October’10. This gives ample time to check out another submersible monsoons and powerless summer.

It is time we appreciate the stand taken by OUR LEADERS. Both parties remain committed to the aam-admi. They say this:

“The decision of the MCD House is final in this case. Our naming committee will pass a resolution under Section 42 of the DMC act. It will then be introduced in the House,” BJP leader Vijender Gupta said.

“The commitment of the Gandhi family cannot be measured in the context of India. Hence, anything new has to have the “G” word on it”, a close associate of Kaun-gress said.

Ladies & gentlemen of Dilli, take heart. We are being ably led, and civic amenities would follow.

 “Hey !!!! watch that manhole while U tread the roads”.

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