The agent you desire, is the agent U deserve !


My friend & colleague Ajay Dabas, who heads the land transactions vertical of Certes Realty Limited has a small plaque on his table which reads as “The agent you desire is the agent you deserve!”


Have you noticed on how fast the landscape around us is changing? Haven’t we at various points in time insisted on a particular sales person assist us while shopping; from Groceries to Cars. When it comes to the decision of the lifetime to invest our hard earned money, will anybody do?


“LET US DESIRE WHAT WE DESERVE” – as consumers of the realtor services, which incidentally also is the vision within our organization.


I strongly believe that “change is initiated by the end recipients, and, the agents mould accordingly”. But, in an industry largely dominated by unorganized small brokers, and just a clutch of organized agents, this industry has to undergo the “infusion of competence and technology”, in line with the three factors which define and influence the change, always.




Let us look at how the above three factors Can / should influence the realty trade.


CUSTOMERS : In the era of the internet, most potential customers spend a third of their lives with technology, be it the internet, the tele-products, gizmos& gadgets. These are not only knowledge sources, but also tools that simplify and enable decisions. When presented with a professional-tech savvy-informed experience, we experience a sigh of relief from our clients, when exposed to first hand professionals who speak, adapt & deliver the realty transactions, in exactly the way the clients’ desire.




 – Technology, management measurement tools, Define your Intent, need and ability well in advance. Remember, the two basic factors for investment are “Intent & Ability” – YOURS. Don’t get swayed by the promises and assertions of the Realtor. Please check whether the Realtor you deal with, uses the same tools as you do.


RESEARCH – Check out who the informed and meticulous realtors in your catchment area are. Insist on briefed on the Agent’s understanding of the macro scenario is. More often than not, agents start pitching the products under inventory, rather than match it with the defined needs of the buyer. Make sure that the agent gives you a conducted tour of the area and explains to you the evolving scenario on three phases- proposed development over 2, 5 & 7 years window. Make sure that your agent knows more than you, on his own subject.


STOP PATRONIZING – Why accept second grade, when there are some who fit exactly the way you would want them to be. Remember, what we desire is what we deserve. The Realtor market corrects under coercion and peer pressure, not under the value delivery system.

DEMAND MORE – One of the basic things that I try to train my associates & agents is NEVER PITCH BEFORE THE NEED ANALYSIS. To the clients, we insist that irrespective of his shortlist, he still discusses all options once more. That way, elimination of projects is on a scientific rationale basis, not on instinctive or emotional. ASK QUESTIONS. Insist on why the agent is buoyant on a specific project, and not on the others.




Most realtors that I have met so far are in the habit of selling real estate, as if there is no tomorrow. I firmly believe that the tomorrow that we are faced with, is one of over-supply; where we would see the consumer actually emerging King. Competition within the industry would ensure that the valuations are better, and the deliverables in relation to value for money demanded, far outstretches what the consumers of yesterday were dished out.

We forecast that the demand for qualified and knowledge based realtor market would emerge, and the market forces would determine the quality of the realtors.

Most vital component – YOU ! because you would demand what you deserve.


Like a popular ad for detergent says—“DAAG ACCHHE HAIN! (DIRT IS GOOD), I am a firm believer that competition is always good for the consumer. Let us welcome it as we deserve what we desire.




We attribute change to the regulatory, statutory, economic, social and other changes which are not directly influenced by the realtors. But, they are the ones who act as the information and communication agents, with consumers. But, change becomes aggravated when we grapple with a market predominantly dominated by the ill-informed realtors.


Therefore, our firm belief that three factors that realtor of the future would actually have to rely on:


-Constant knowledge acquisition

-Ability to translate knowledge to profits.



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  • Hello Ramesh. My wife who is part of Sapient in Gurgaon apparently has some common friend, who shaerd this article of yours with her. She sent me the link. I appreciate your views in the article. It makes sense for us as an aspiring home buyer.WOuld you be dealing in residential properties by any chance? If so, please conenct with me on mail, or let me know the number on which I can call you. Tx & appreciate.Rajive

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