The Delhi Master Plan

Ladies & gentlemen around the Delhi NCR area…. hold back your horses for investing in a hurry.

Understand the Delhi master plan in totality… and then go ahead and invest in those high priced, low value products which are being hawked by many un(not “in”)credible people there.

I have been researching the Delhi master plan (titled MPD 2021) for a few months now, and do have a fair insight into it. I went a few steps ahead, and didnt restrict my research to academic lines, rather, went ahead and ‘wormed into’ the ground reality. (incidentally, my company is known as ground-realty)….

You would be surprised on the size of land that was always available in Delhi.

Ok now.. take a guess…. how much land would be available in Delhi for development????? Any guesses????

any number? any quantum?? You probably are clueless like I was… a few months back.

IT IS AN ASTOUNDING 60,000 HECTARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whew….. let me allow this to sink in… and then write further….

Goodbye NOIDA. Ciao Gurgaon. (the well intended, the well funded and the well managed in these places would survive and flourish though… fly by nights, fly now, before Delhi swamps you.)

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  • Hello Sir. If this is true, how do you assess the impact of the huge supply on the surrounding markets of Gurgaon,Noida etc. Would there be a drop in the demand as well as prices? What would be the best time to invest into the residential sector in Gurgaon?
    Please mail me your research findings if possible as I work as a Opportunity Analyst with a fortune 500 company.

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