Who has ever killed for religion?

Who has ever killed for religion? – A meaningless debate

Every sane & balanced person I have met, in the last 3 days, are unanimous in their thought that what has happened in Mumbai during the course of the last 72 hours, IS NOT RELIGION.

The people who killed, and the people who got killed, WERE NOT IDENTIFIED BY THEIR RELIGIOUS FAITH, BELIEFS OR IDEALS.

“One had decided to kill, and the other just happened to be there”.

That unfortunately is not how a small portion of our billion plus populations would have us believe. Some of our so called “pretending intelligentsia”, some of whom have read books, and some have authored books, would rather have us masses to follow their little myopic opinion that it is religion which is exhorting mankind to ‘lemming’ itself. However marginal, this tribe is on the increase, and the earlier the better, that we stamp their stupid thoughts out of our existence.

From my experience, this is the tribe which is trying “desperately hard to gain acceptability into our sensibilities by those very material tools that we ascribe to” – for e.g: some of these ones are well in the know of gadgets, wining, finery, fine arts etc, thereby, getting acceptability into our senses. Once with their foot in, these try to drone our senses to their ‘whir-whirr’ of what they see through their myopic & invested prism of an opinion.

Here is my opinion—EMPHATIC- since I am writing on my own space – “I DONT AGREE THAT THERE IS ANY RELIGION IS BEHIND THESE KILLINGS”

We have elements on both sides, who are “pretending intelligentisia” – the types who can only believe in what they believe, and who have no qualms in beating their hollow chests. One is who exhorts or convinces others that “God ordains to kill”, AND, the other type is the one who goes to great length to incarcerate “one particular god to be ordaining killings”.

Whew! God keep me away from both.

In my humble opinion, I haven’t come across one text, discourse, religious manual which tells, rather exhorts, mankind to kill his brethren, WITHOUT ANY REASON. And, I am in no way willing to listen to the type who are tom-tomming around that it is any particular religion which is influencing people to kill.

Ask yourself – “were the Mumbai terrorists shooting after a credential check?? Were they selective in firing at the people who were dining at the Tiffin restaurant @ Oberoi. Did they ask the religion of the front office personnel before randomly shooting them?

Whoever is reading this, please beware of the second type – THEY ARE LOOSE AND ON THE PROWL. The first type inevitably gets shot and is killed. Teh second type is the most dangerous who ends up killing many more.

I have nothing “for or against” any religion OR teachings, but I am not in favour at all of those who have us believe in some particular concocted theory, after many lives are lost. The sole purpose of such theoruies is to ensure more are lost, by subscribing.

Signing off now, with a heavy heart for whatever has happened in Mumbai over the past few days, and hope that we all have the ability to segregate “grain from the chaff”, especially, in our endeavour to be led by “THE POLITICAL LEADERS AMONGST PRETENDING INTELLIGENTSIA”.

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